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How can we get Iran visa?


The options is available for all nationalities also three American, Canadian and Britain rationalizes that is a little longer than others.

1-For all Iran tourism all around the world should fill in the Iran visa form with trip program and copy of pass (the first page that contain the photo) and to their own travel agency that can apply and support the clients in Iran, after 7-10 work days the invitation visa authorization code is ready in Iran, by sending this code to clients can apply for Iran visa registration in nearest Iran embassy or consulate.

2-For three nationalities: American, Canadian and Britain rationalizes

With a fixed and confirmed and selected guide for all kind of Iran tours as Cultural or Eco tours all applications should send to an office with complete resume of each member of tour and also selected hotels…after less than 30days may approved or not….we can ask for visa authorization code, the clients can apply Iran visa in Nearest embassy or consulate.

3-All nationalities accept three as above can apply visa at airport for at least days may more…..most of the Iran tourism prefer to apply visa before arrival to Iran airport.