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As you can see in Iran ski resorts can find out many Resorts around Iran that the biggest and high altitude Iran ski resorts are located around Tehran Capital city of Iran. The most popular and good for all skill in Skiing is Dizin ski resort with a longest rout from down to peak, the peak of this resorts is 3450m High that called Sicahl peak.

Dizin ski resorts is the first established in Iran many years ago that is approved by word ski federation as an international ski resort and with developing skiing in Iran the facility growing too.

This ski resorts located in North of Tehran that two route can reach to this resorts.

1-By passing Chalous road ~130km. and also ~70km.from Shemshak village that has their own resorts (will write about ) as usual this resorts are ready and available for Iran ski tourism from First of Nov. till the end of April(depends on weather).

In this ski resorts for all Iran ski tourist that did not bring their ski equipment hire of all ski stuff are available with a reasonable price and good quality.

In this resort also villa for a group that like and wish to stay together in a place is available 4 persons, 5 persons, 6 and till 10 persons together, in this furnished villa can cook and also can use hotel restaurant for all food.







Shemshak ski resorts is located 57km.of North East of Tehran capital city of Iran in Shamshak village,this resorts contain best facility for going up and down for skiers.

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In this ski resort that is professional for Iran ski tourist who like skiing in an international standard and high altitude is the best.in this area you also can find out two good with good facility hotels that offer their services in a very good location and pictures view, the highest point of this area skier can go up till 3050 high also the lowest point from sea level is 2550m.this ski resorts works from first of Nov.-mid of April. That depends on snow.

In this resorts also hire of all ski equipment are available with reasonable cost and good quality.

This ski is near some summit over than 4000m that help for Iran alp touring that like skiing in Iran ski resorts out of and also can provide ski in these summit by IRCTA.


Touchal ski resorts with the longest cable way at the word.

This ski resorts located in North of Tehran, the area that call Velenjak.

This resorts is in moderate skiing for most of the Tehran skier that very easy can reach to this area. Also Iran ski tourist whom like to visit this resorts and also train ski as usual use this resorts.

The largest Telecabin of this resorts is one of the largest gondola lift at the world with the length ~7500m.from 1910m with 40km/h speed. Down till 3450m altitude up that called station 7, during the way can find out 2main stations that in both of them there are restaurants for having meals and hot drinks.

In Touchal ski resorts also can accommodate in 4 top* hotel with very beautiful landscape pictures view especially in ski time.

With just less than half an hour mountaineers can reach Touchal peak with 3971m high that is a very good chance for Tehran mountaineers with this facilities whom like to use gondola lift or walk from down to top with trekking around 6 hours.


This ski resorts is one of the moderate famous ski resorts in Iran that is located in professional Shemshak ski resort area and also can reach to Dizin ski resorts by passing a pass road that most of the winter time vehicle route is closed but for Iran alp touring it is possible to pass it to other two Iran ski resorts.All these three ski resorts are in, In this resorts skiers can find out calm and quite place because of it is not over crowded as usual. Alborz central range in Iran that is one on the main mountain chain from North west to North East, most of the over than 4000m peaks are in this range same as Damavand and Alamkouh that are two of highest peaks in Iran, this ski resorts as a private once is established by a group of Iran famous skier ~60km. far from Tehran in a village with the same name. The Iran skier tourism can find 5ski lift, with two chair lift, restaurants with Iranian and other kind of food are available.

This ski resorts is approved by world federation ski and during years have some Ski world competition in this resorts.



Mount Damavand. Or Damavand summit with 5671 m,

This highest peak in Iran active volcanic summit is Damavand that is located in ~60km. North of Iran in central Alborz chain and south of Caspian Sea. This high summit is the second summit in Middle East, Area of this summit is Riyneh and Larijan village that both of them are in Mazandaran province, in clear and shiny weather this very pictures and beautiful summit can see from the center of Tehran capital city of Iran .This summit is approved and register in natural heritage word organization. For this summit in Iran ancient you can find out many myth about the hero and some stories in Iran lecture and literature.

This summit is 2th most prominent peak in the world and also second most prominent peak in Asia.

For reaching to this summit Iran mountain lovers can chose four main rout the the most popular face I South face that in summer time may you cannot find even a place for your tent around the shelter that capacity of mountaineers in this shelter is more that 100 with or without beds.


Alam kouh summit 4850m

This summit After Damavand with 5671m high is the second high peak in Iran (the third one is Sabalan summit with 4811m. high that located in North West of Iran Ardebil province)that is located in North of Iran Mazandaran province and Takht-e-Suleyman area(Takht-e Suleyman Massif) in central Alborz chain.

The village that Iran mountaineers lovers will reach to this summit, pass the Chalous road that the end of this road can find out Caspian Sea. The village called Kelardasht, before Chalous(~20km.) city turn left for this village called Roudbarak mountain village ,the mountaineers can find here a large with good services mountain federation building  also a new building that is built in Vandar Bon area a little more higher than this old place with facilities for sleeping and preparing food .

For climbing this mount three common route is for ordinary climb: Moderate, Hesarchal south face, the challenging rocky route is Sia Sang route should passing a large shelter in ~4230m. high, the third route is German Flank route that also should reach to this shelter and then with passing Shaneh-kooh start this.


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